Puerto Rico's first International Baccalaureate Diploma Program Graduates


Joaquín Bacardí,
Chairperson of the Board

       Board of Directors 2018-2019 

Joaquín Bacardí  – Chairperson

Federico Sánchez – Vice President

Alexandra Calderón – Treasurer

Aleida Arbona - Secretary

Antonio L. Ferré Rangel – Governance Officer

Sonia Látimer de Caso

Dr. Enrique N. Arsuaga

Alberto Ledesma, P.E.

Miguel Soto-Class '87

Dora L. Monserrate Peñagarícano

James Nelligan – Headmaster


       Members of the Corporation 2018-2019

Douglas W. Pennock 

Lawrence E. Duffy, Esq.

Shula Feldkran

Lucilla Marvel

Carmen S. Melero 

Oriol Segarra '79

Enrique N. Arsuaga

Jorge Luis Díaz

Antonio Casellas

Sonia Látimer de Caso

Dr. Hilary Baldwin

José Fagót-Díaz, Esq. '78

Miguel Soto-Class '87

Alberto Ledesma, P.E.

Fifty years of education in Puerto Rico and still going strong!




During 2018-2019, Baldwin School cemented its leadership within the private education field from PPK through 12th grade in Puerto Rico. As we celebrated our Golden anniversary, SY 2018/2019 was nothing short of spectacular. History was made when we graduated our very first International Baccalaureate Diploma-Program class. Congratulations were well in order and college acceptances served as testimony to their success. The results of their achievements have been well documented within our web-page. Further proof of our school’s resilient position amongst our peers is seen in our projected SY 2019/2020 enrollment, which at the start of the school year stands at 836 students, and for the first time in the school’s history, grades 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, and 12 are currently at their maximum capacity and have been closed. 


It is with profound confidence that I report that Baldwin’s financial position continues to remain robust. I would like to recognize our Finance Committee Chair Mrs. Alexandra Calderón for her work, as well as our Finance Director Gamaliel Rivera and Headmaster James Nelligan, who work closely together to ensure the financial compliance of the school’s budget and also have oversight of our Trust’s performance.




Baldwin has set the standard for other schools to follow in its pedagogy, infrastructure, quest for excellence, and diversity. I’m very pleased to inform the Baldwin community that the Board has unanimously approved expanding our Scholarship Program to start in the sixth grade, beginning in sy2020-21. I would like to recognize and thank Mrs. Sonia Caso for her leadership, continued support, and commitment to this extremely important program, which helps to enrich the diversity of our Baldwin community. We are also very excited to get started with the construction of our STEM Innovation Center, which has a target completion date for 2021.   


Finally, the Board has already started its work to revise the school’s long-term Strategic Plan. While taking a step back to acknowledge how the school has evolved over the past fifty years, our goal is to conduct a deep dive into the school’s Mission and Vision and further develop key areas such as: Core Values, Core Competencies, Stakeholder Expectations, Strategic Results with Key Performance Indicators, Strategic Enablers and Development Goals. The target is to have the new plan completed by the end of this calendar year.


I take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support and trust in Baldwin. We are committed to ensuring the sustained growth and development of The Baldwin School of Puerto Rico and its community while creating a brighter future for our students and being the leaders in education that they all deserve.


       Business Office 2018-2019 

Gamaliel Rivera, Director of Finance

Mara Ramírez, Business Analyst

Jacqueline Cabanillas, Payroll & Payable Analyst

Sarah Vargas, Accounts Payable Clerk

       Human Resources Department 2018-2019 

Linette Torres, Human Resources Director





Baldwin school walkway

       Technology Department 2018-2019

José Luis Rodríguez, Director of Technology

Luis Medero, Technology Assistant


  • Internet connections: We changed Internet providers and added a higher redundancy level. The bandwidth has also been improved, and we are evaluating upgrading the bandwidth speed. 

  • Better security and network redundancy: We purchased new Firewalls, providing security for all devices connected to Baldwin’s network. The firewall not only blocks restricted sites, but it also blocks attempts of malware, viruses, and attacks. If an infected device connects to our network it will be blocked automatically. We have added a layer of security and redundancy; as well as an active antivirus. 

  • Apple Business Account:  As we work towards our goal of becoming the first Apple Distinguished School in Puerto Rico, Apple has granted us a Business Account. We now have an Apple Server managing users, devices, volume licensing apps, and security services on all of Baldwin’s enrolled devices. The Apple Profile Manager (APM) will improve the way we deploy, manage, and give support to all users and devices. Apple Volume Licensing will help us make the most of the apps we use on campus. In the future, we will be able to create iOS and MacOS apps. We are evaluating how we will be able to take full advantage of the Apple Development Program in conjunction with the Innovation Center so that students from all grades can explore creating and developing apps.

       Facilities Department 2018-2019 

Angel González,
Environmental Health & Safety Officer

Maintence Staff:

José Rivera

Guillermo Rivera

Guillermo Gelpí

Victor Sierra

Juan (Johnny) Vega

Juan (Chae) Rosario

Pedro Hernández


  • Retrofitted water stations with added triple filtration systems.

  • Reparation of termite damage to Pennock Field House and other campus areas.

  • Built in-house tables for IB testing and other activities.

  • VPAC reparations: repainted entire structure, repaired bleachers, dance room flooring, stage stairs.

  • Repaired pool lanes and damage to the pool sidewalk.

  • Repaired campus sidewalks.

  • Replaced Bullpen wood columns with steel columns for increased durability and termite resistance.

  • Completed installation of Tennis Courts new sports surface.

  • Restoration of Pennock Field House sports surface.

  • Installed pump system for the Administration Building new AC system drainage.

  • Drainage repairs at several MUS quad areas and increased capacity for larger rain accumulation.

  • Major repair to sanitary line serving the Cafeteria and Pennock Field House.

  • Installed new speed bumps at North Parking.

  • Installed subterranean data lines.

  • Installed new Administration building roof drainage.

  • Installed baby changing stations in specific bathrooms.


       Admissions Department 2018-2019 

Ely Mejías, Director of Admissions

Aileen Rodríguez, Admissions Coordinator


Students PPK - 12

The Admissions Office sponsored several activities during 2018-19 including The Annual Welcome Breakfast for New Families before classes began in August 2018, and Open House for two days in October 2018.  

We are happy to report two new members of our Scholarship Program, who were graduates of the Baldwin Summer Institute and joined our program in August 2018.  In addition, one student of our Scholarship Program graduated in May 2019. All of our scholarship students have done extremely well and they have become integral members of the Baldwin community. 


Our Golden Key Club Student Ambassadors in grades 10 – 12 assist the Admission Office by guiding families through several activities throughout the year. As Student Ambassadors, they not only represent Baldwin School to visiting families, but they are key to the success of many activities sponsored by the Admission Office. We bid farewell to our Senior Leaders and members of the Golden Key Club with the knowledge that wherever they continue their education, we are certain they will be very successful!


Through our Veracross Parent Portal, families can complete the admission process online from inquiry to final enrollment or re-enrollment. Parents also have the flexibility to edit demographic information, upload required documents and make payments conveniently through this system.  


Honoring our dedicated Faculty & Staff

35 Years of Service
35 Years of Service

Trudy Pennock

30 Years of Service
30 Years of Service

Minerva Ramos Ceida Fernandez Bill Collazo Mercedes Nakachi Sheila Conley

Special Recognition
Special Recognition

Inés Muñoz Annie Puras

35 Years of Service
35 Years of Service

Trudy Pennock