IB Coordinators 2018-2019

Sarah Loinaz, PYP Coordinator

Cristina Castillo, MYP Coordinator

Laura Maristany, DP Coordinator

      & Director of Studies


Baldwin is fully authorized in the Primary Years (PYP), Middle Years (MYP), and Diploma (DP) programs, the 318th school in the world, and the first in Puerto Rico, to be designated as an IB Continuum School.

Primary Years Program

We continue our unwavering commitment to the growth of the PYP curriculum in benefit of the learning experiences our students have to participate in during their time in the OECC and Elementary grades. Our effort is steadfast in offering an in-depth, rigorous curriculum in a nurturing environment.


The PYP faculty practices continuous reflection in order to optimize the written, taught and assessed curriculum. This year our faculty participated in various professional learning opportunities that contribute meaningfully to this optimization. These experiences also support the self-study process that is part of the school’s re-accreditation to the Middle States Association and the International Baccalaureate. In addition to conferences with external resources, we spent nearly twenty hours learning together - all teachers and teacher assistants PPK -5th. We used that time to truly explore our Program of Inquiry and learn from each other what and how students are learning in each grade and subject area. We also used that time to delve further into best practices in learning, teaching, and assessment. As is customary, the school year wrapped up with the faculty focused on planning and preparing the next steps for the 2019-20 school year.


A brief summary of other actions taken this school year:

  • Continuous review and revision of curricular documents including skills maps, unit planners, mid-term and semester reports;

  • Celebration of Semana de español, Spanish week, in April 2019; students participated in a variety of learning experiences in their Spanish classes including author visits, spelling bees in grades 1st -5th, and others all culminating in a Town Hall meeting dedicated and held entirely in Spanish;

  • Student-Led Conferences offered in the Spring of 2019 by all grades PPK - 5th;

  • Presentation of the PYP Exhibition by the 5th grade students on a variety of topics framed within the How We Express Ourselves theme with related concepts drawn from the units of inquiry explored in the fifth grade year;

  • Parent orientation sessions for new families focused on the PYP curriculum by grade levels (including the Essential Elements of the program, assessment and reporting, as well as 5th Grade Exhibition);

  • Continued professional learning with a variety of opportunities including:

    • September 2018 - Diversity Workshop: Ms. Jennifer Bryan - Team Finch Consultants

    • February 2019 - Motivation Conference: Dr. Robyn R. Jackson - Mindsteps

    • March 2019 - Executive Function Skills Conference: Dr. Peg Dawson

    • September 2018 - May 2019 Deep Dives into the Program of Inquiry Workshops (6 sessions): OECC & Elementary faculty

Middle Years Program

The 2018-2019 school year was our third with a fully authorized IB Middle Years Program. The Baldwin faculty continues to be busy with the optimization of the MYP.  This year we continued to prepare for our upcoming Program Evaluation (which will take place in 2021) and participated in Building Quality Curriculum, an IB-required curricular revision.  As part of this process, we received feedback on unit planners from each of the subject areas and years of Baldwin’s MYP. The MYP Coordinator and faculty are working on integrating the feedback from IB into our Program Evaluation Action Plan.


A brief summary of additional actions taken this school year:

  • Continuous revision of curricular documents, including unit planners, academic policies, Subject-Area Overviews and skills maps.

  • Ongoing professional development in topics that include differentiation, backwards planning, and inquiry. 

  • The class of 2021, which will be the third Baldwin class to go through our authorized Diploma Program, completed their Personal Projects. The class of 2023 completed their Community Projects. Both groups presented their projects to the community at the end of the second semester.

  • Continuous parent and student workshops including those focused on assessment in the MYP and the MYP projects.


Diploma Program

Diploma Program students in grades 11 and 12 continued to work diligently in order to pursue the full diploma or certificate options offered to them. Again, in October, we held an orientation for ninth and tenth Grade parents to introduce them to the details of the Diploma Program.


Our first Diploma Class submitted their extended essays, completed all their internal assessment requirements and experienced mock exams in February which helped them to prepare for their May external assessments. The Class of 2019 had extraordinary college acceptances and more importantly, they demonstrated significant growth throughout these two years in their problem-solving, writing, communication, and critical reflection skills.


The results that we received from IB in the month of July demonstrated the hard work, collaboration, perseverance, and commitment of our teachers and students.


Maícha Porrata, OECC Principal

This year was very special for Baldwin School.  We celebrated, alongside our community, the school’s 50th anniversary with a great Family Day.


In the Oxman Early Childhood Center (OECC), our students continued their development through the International Baccalaureate (IB) Units of Inquiry. 


During the academic year, our traditional activities such as Grandparent’s Day, Thanksgiving Luncheon, Día Puertorriqueño, Holiday Programs, Fun Day and Art Week took place. Also, the kindergarten class had the unique learning experience of spending the night at the Museo de Arte de Puerto Rico. In our commitment to helping others, funds from Helping Fridays were donated to CAP (Fundación de Cáncer Pediátrico).


Through the Student-Led Conferences, the children took ownership and pride in their own learning, while sharing their knowledge with their parents.  The school year came to an end with a wonderful Kindergarten Advancement Ceremony.


We would like to acknowledge the OECC faculty and staff for their continued unconditional support.


Nancy Pagán, Elementary School Principal

Our students have enjoyed another successful school year. They have excelled in so many fields. These achievements have been in their academic studies, sports, music, and the arts. You can be very proud of them and how they represent you, their families and their school on a daily basis.  As we progress on our journey to become a ‘thinking school’ and making excellence a habit, the Elementary School continues to grow as one that tries to bring out the best in every single child, irrespective of their background, race, previous achievement or perceived ability.


Elimari Sánchez, Middle & Upper School Principal

2018-2019 was another year full of excitement and accomplishments for the Middle and Upper School. We proudly graduated Puerto Rico's very first IB Diploma Program scholars. Our students and faculty successfully produced many events throughout the year such as Shakespeare Festival, Art Week, Spring Musical, Spirit Week, Sports Fest, Music Fest, Next Generation, The Girl in You, French Night and more. Our many clubs stood out in competitions and gave their time towards community service and donations to many local organizations. We finished the year strong with outstanding college acceptances.

 I have been attending Baldwin since pre-kinder, which comes to be 14 years of my life. Baldwin is my second home, where I was able to meet my second family. It has been an amazing experience full of difficult, exciting, nerve-wracking, and memorable moments. The friendships, laughter, and even the tears shed at Baldwin have formed part of my most memorable moments."

- Nicole Polish | Baldwin Class of 2019 |  Villanova University

Class of 2019 College Acceptances

American University 

The University of Arizona       

Babson College          

Bentley University     

Boston Architectural College 

Boston College

Boston University

Bowling Green State University

Brown University         

Bryant University 

University of California, Davis            

University of California, Santa Cruz   

Carnegie Mellon University     

Case Western Reserve University

The Catholic University of America   

University of Central Florida    

Chapman University

University of Chicago

University of Cincinnati         

Clark University          

Colgate University         

University of Connecticut      

Cornell University

Dartmouth College

University of Dayton

Drexel University  

Duke University         

Duquesne University 

Eckerd College

University of Edinburgh

Emerson College        

Emmanuel College     

Emory University 

Florida Institute of Technology          

Florida State University         

University of Florida

Fordham University 

Gannon University     

George Mason University  

The George Washington University 

Georgetown University

Gettysburg College

Harvard College

Haverford College      

High Point University 

College of the Holy Cross

IE University - Madrid Campus          

Inter American University of Puerto Rico  

Johns Hopkins University

La Salle University     

Lawrence Technological University   

Loyola University Chicago 

Loyola University Maryland   

Loyola University New Orleans

Lynn University

Manhattan College   

Marquette University

Maryland Institute College of Art      

University of Maryland, College Park      

Marymount Manhattan College        

Massachusetts College of Art and Design     

Massachusetts Institute of Technology    

University of Massachusetts, Amherst         

University of Miami     

University of Michigan 

New Jersey Institute of Technology 

New York University

Northeastern University

Northwestern University

Pace University, New York City        

Pennsylvania State University 

University of Pennsylvania

University of Puerto Rico - Mayagüez

University of Puerto Rico - Río Piedras

Pratt Institute

Providence College 

Purdue University

Regis College 

Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute       

Ringling College of Art and Design

University of Rochester         

Rowan University       

Saint Joseph's University

Saint Leo University

Universidad del Sagrado Corazon

Savannah College of Art and Design

Skidmore College  

University of Stirling     

Suffolk University

SUNY College at Cortland    

Syracuse University      

The University of Tampa 

University of Tennessee, Knoxville    

Texas A&M University

Texas Tech University

The University of Texas, Austin    

The Ohio State University     

Trinity College

Tufts University

Tulane University

United States Coast Guard Academy

The University of Edinburgh  

University of Stirling  

Villanova University

Wake Forest University 

Washington and Jefferson College    

Washington University in St. Louis 

Wentworth Institute of Technology

Wheaton College MA  

Williams College        

Worcester Polytechnic Institute        

Xavier University 

Yale University 

       OECC Faculty & Staff 2018-2019 

Maícha Porrata, Principal

Zuania Martínez, Administrative Assistant

Dr. Lourdes Rodríguez, OECC Psychologist

Janelle Méndez, PPK Teacher

Adianez Rivera, PPK Teacher

Rosa Santiago, PPK Teacher Assistant

Ida Colón, PK Teacher

Nancy Arsuaga, PK Teacher

Maita Jaunarena, PK Teacher

Michelle Vega, PK Teacher Assistant

Nicole Ponce, PK Teacher Assistant

Carla Gelabert, PK Teacher Assistant

Anyela Rossy, Kinder Teacher

Claudia Miranda, Kinder Teacher

Jazer Ávila, Kinder Teacher

Daniela Urencio, Kinder Teacher Assistant

Stephanie Malavé, Kinder Teacher Assistant

Angely Mejías, Kinder Teacher Assistant

Nancy Arrojo de Armas, Spanish Teacher

Luz Santiago, Spanish Teacher Assistant

Pedro Hernández, Maintenance Support 

       Elementary Faculty & Staff 2018-2019 

Nancy Pagán, Principal

Elsa Villanueva, Administrative Assistant

Natasha Rivera, Administrative Assistant

Dr. María Isabel de Puigdorfila, Psychologist

Luz Minerva Ramos, 1st Grade Teacher

Mariela Sierra, 1st Grade Teacher

Michele McCormack, 1st Grade Teacher

Adriana González, 1st Grade Teacher Assistant

Mariana Villafañe, 1st Grade Teacher Assistant

Tania Ruiz, 1st Grade Teacher Assistant

Mercedes Nakachi, 2nd Grade Teacher

Lurvia Prohías, 2nd Grade Teacher

Vivian Rodríguez, 2nd Grade Teacher

Yolanda Gavillan, 2nd Grade Teacher Assistant

Bianca Juan, 2nd Grade Teacher Assistant

Marlena Torres, 2nd Grade Teacher Assistant

Claudia Castro, 3rd Grade Teacher

Camille Rochet, 3rd Grade Teacher

Mercedes Escribá, 3rd Grade Teacher

Maraliza Pagán, 3rd Grade Teacher Assistant

Caterina Cangiano, 3rd Grade Teacher Assistant

Suzette Benítez, 3rd Grade Teacher Assistant

Gina Torres, 4th Grade Teacher

Patricia Jimenez, 4th Grade Teacher

Raiza Figueroa, 4th Grade Teacher

Mayra Maldonado, 4th Grade Teacher Assistant

Lizette Duteil, 5th Grade Teacher

María Pizá, 5th Grade Teacher

Valetina Rizzo, 5th Grade Teacher

Ana Cordova, 5th Grade Teacher

Carolina Vélez, 5th Grade Teacher Assistant

Ricardo Massini, 5th Grade Teacher Assistant

Arleen Santini, Spanish Teacher

Vilma López, Spanish Teacher

Susette Vélez, Spanish Teacher

Maripili Fernández, Spanish Teacher

Zaira Hernández, Spanish Teacher

Ilia Díaz, SSL Teacher

Socorrito Díaz, Art Teacher

Mónica Cerame, Elementary Art Assistant

Gregory Schmitt, Music Teacher & VPAC AV Coordinator

Emanuel Benjamín, Music Teacher

Gretchen Sepúlveda, Computer Teacher

Arlisse Sánchez, Computer Teacher Asst.

Mariana de L. Gerena, IB Library Support Specialist

Elismari Aldarondo, PE Teacher

Pedro González, PE Teacher

Betzaida Rivera, Nurse

       Middle Upper School Faculty & Staff 2018-2019 

Elimari Sánchez, Principal

Pia Cambó, Administrative Assistant

Rosalyn Toledo, Administrative Assistant

Carolina Casas, Dean of Students

Michael Yager, Director of College Counseling

Celeste Suris, Director of College Counseling (March 2019)

Dr. María del Carmen Del Llano, Psychologist

Carmen Rivera, Inclusion Specialist
Maritza Irizarry, IB Media Specialist

Anidaed Puras, English Teacher

Liz S.Torres, English Teacher

Marisol Pérez, English Teacher

Belinda Santiago, English Teacher

Celibelle Falcón, English Teacher

Cecibelle Falcón, English Teacher

Ashley Weihe, Math Teacher

Marjorie Barreto, Math Teacher

Jenisse Rochet, Math Teacher

Laura Vielma, Math Teacher

Silvina Ansaldi, Math Teacher

Erin Moran, History Teacher

Dora Ramírez, History Teacher

Jeffrey Penn, History Teacher

Yvonne Fortuño, History Teacher

Scott Widman, History Teacher

Ty Widman, History Teacher

Ines Muñíz, Science Teacher

James Otero, Science Teacher

Maité Goyco, Science Teacher

Tamara González, Science Teacher

Paulina Pagán, Science Teacher

Isomar Rodríguez, Science Teacher

Lucia Fayad, Spanish Teacher 

Ceida Fernández, Spanish Teacher

Maria Colls, Spanish Teacher

Margarita Parrilla, Spanish Teacher

Gregorio Vázquez, Spanish Teacher

Cristina Molina, Spanish Teacher

Paola Marchena, French Teacher

Noel Molina, French Teacher

Sofía Vizcarrondo, Art Teacher

Sofía Moraskie, Art Teacher

Angel Vázquez, Art Teacher Assistant

Andrew Jones, Computer Teacher

William Collazo, Musical Instrument Specialist

Andreas Stoltzfus, Music Teacher

María Lila Rodríguez​, Dance and Drama Teacher

Sheila Conley, PE Teacher

Sebastián Cambó, PE Teacher

Juan José Pacheco, PE Teacher

Norlando Quiñones, PE Teacher